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    Created: jamesswhite
    Created: Mar 29, 2017

  • Do we have any colleagues or peers who are subject matter experts in Pronto reporting , specifically audit trails on cash allocations and AR reporting? Would love to have a chat. Thanks James

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  • External Administration - Reward Points
    Created: Michelle_74
    Created: Feb 07, 2017

  • Hi, If a business has accrued reward points (eg Amex) who gets the benefit of this in case of a failed business? A lot of my customers pay via Amex so they would be racking up considerable rewards points and I wouldn't thin…

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  • Credit Defaults - T&C's from 14 years ago
    Created: Rodney Jarvis
    Created: Jan 25, 2017

  • Challenges, challenges & more challenges! A former customer has requested a copy of our original T&C's dated 2003. We've kept the original credit application but not the accompanying T&C's. Customer has signed off that he rec…

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  • Credit Default - legal costs outstanding
    Created: Rodney Jarvis
    Created: Jan 17, 2017

  • Hi All, We took legal action against a customer & the principle debt was paid in full. Our (former) customer has refused to pay the legal costs. Am I required to update the default to "Paid" even though the Solicitors costs …

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  • preferentisal payment
    Created: terrys
    Created: Jan 09, 2017

  • one of our customers bought some equipment from us late last year, they arranged finance for the cost of the machinery thru a lender authority and the customer paid the GST separately. a couple of months later the group of c…

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  • Commercial Guarantee - Statue Barring
    Created: Lubeking
    Created: Dec 31, 2016

  • Hello all, I am new to a role, and am dealing with a recovery case that is causing some frustration and am wondering if anyone else has some across similar issues, and a credit fix business is now involved. Client had out…

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  • Equipment 'on loan'
    Created: xosa1948
    Created: Dec 31, 2016

  • I have just had an enquiry from a colleague whose company loans, at no cost and on a written agreement, equipment to some of its customers. They recently had a customer go into liquidation and the liquidator claimed the equip…

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  • Third Party Credit Card Payments
    Created: Solace23
    Created: Dec 15, 2016

  • We are having a lot of debtors calling in using a third party credit card to pay for debts. What is the legalities around this? Do we need to speak to the owner of the credit card or does the onus lie with the debtor paying?

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  • Online legal documents
    Created: BudgetRepair
    Created: Dec 09, 2016

  • Hi All I need some help with completing and filing documents online, I have tried lodging an installment offer online but I could not see the case. I acknowledged the debt but I could not go to the next step to find the cas…

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  • Salary comparison
    Created: Chris
    Created: Dec 09, 2016

  • Is there a particular website that the industry uses for Collection officers to use as a bench mark for collections within the Legal Profession - Thanking you in advance for any advice

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  • Personal Guarantees
    Created: [email protected]
    Created: Dec 02, 2016

  • Hi Bob, My understanding is to register against a guarantor you need a security interest with respect to them personally (rather than a retention of title, for example, which would relate to the company). This would normal…

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  • Bulk SMS
    Created: Solace23
    Created: Dec 02, 2016

  • Hi I am looking at sending a bulk sms rub next week to our bad debtors. What SMS are people sending and what is getting the most impact

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  • Personal Guarantees
    Created: BobT
    Created: Dec 02, 2016

  • Has anyone registered a directors guarantee & if so what additions clauses were added to the guarantee to make it acceptable under the PPSA?

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  • Accounts Receivable Officer (12 month fixed term)
    Created: Sarah
    Created: Nov 28, 2016

  • Coates Hire currently has a vacancy for Accounts Receivable Officer, for a 12 month fixed term in Mascot. One of the key requirements is being able to cope with high volume collection which will require excellent telephone an…

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  • AR Specialist - Job Opportunity
    Created: tiffanyarchibalddowner
    Created: Nov 15, 2016

  • I recruit for the Downer Group. We are seeking to employ an AR Specialist for our Business Services Centre at North Ryde. If you have experience in a large construction or mining company or have worked in a high value project…

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  • credit limit
    Created: Tracey
    Created: Nov 11, 2016

  • good afternoon does a customer need to apply or agree to an increase to their credit limit?

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  • Credit defaults
    Created: Rodney Jarvis
    Created: Nov 09, 2016

  • Hello All, I issued a Final Demand in May 2016 that included a formal notice of our intention to list a Credit Default within 7 days. Customer contacted me & agreed to a payment plan that staggered along for 5 months then st…

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  • PPSR
    Created: jayden
    Created: Nov 03, 2016

  • Hi just a quick question on registering PPSR (GARANTOR) We have customers who has a company and unit trust. When we register on PPSR we register the company and the unit trust and use ALL PAP as the collateral type. Will this…

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  • National Reposession Agent
    Created: Kristy Shrigley
    Created: Nov 02, 2016

  • Can anyone suggest a national repossession agent you are using and very happy with? Thinking of getting a second supplier on board..

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